Cell Phone Radiation Dangers – What Samsung, Nokia & Apple Aren’t Telling You.

Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

Now admit it, you must have wondered at least once whether all those radio waves coming out of your sleek iPhone have any side effects which might manifest as serious health issues down the line. Unfortunately your fears might be warranted, over 2 decades of research into the effects of EMF (Electro Magnetic) radiation which is created by cell phones on bio matter is painting a very disturbing picture; at the very least, you should sit up and take note.

Just What is EMF (Electro Magnetic Radiation)

We hear it all the time; EMF radiation is what our society has come to depend upon for nearly all major forms of communications, whether that be cell phones or WiFi routers, broadband Internet, television, radio communication, radar, all use electromagnetic waves to send and receive data. Electromagnetic radiation essentially encompasses all forms of energies which include visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays, heat, ultra violet rays etc [1]. As the name suggests, EMF radiation is made up of both electrical as well as magnetic fields. EM radiation also tends to behave as both a particle as well as a wave, which is something scientists are still trying to demystify.

Electromagnetic radiation itself can be classed into two categories:
Ionizing Radiation: Which consists of highly charged waves which have enough energy to strip atoms of their electrons and thus alter molecules as well as the balance of chemicals in living beings. X-Rays and Gamma Rays are two such forms of energy and they are undisputed causes of a variety of cancers, hair loss and radiation sickness among other problems [2].
Non-Ionizing Radiation: This is popularly thought of as safe and consists of forms of radiation such as radio waves, microwaves and visible light. Non-Ionizing Radiation can lead to at least some heating effect, however not enough to cause long term damage [2].

So Are Radio Waves Dangerous?


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has declared that low levels of EMF radiation, especially of the non-ionizing type as that emitted by cell phones and radio based communication devices are generally safe for day to day usage and do not pose any health hazards [3]. However this claim has been disputed, and some experts have come out and said that vested interests of various corporate as well as government entities may be at work here [4]. While non ionizing radiation may not lead to effects which are immediately visible, there is at least some proof that these may have some very serious long term ones. Ailments which have been associated with low level EMF radiation include:

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Headaches and Nausea
  • Brain Tumors

A fact which cannot be denied is that low level radiation, of the non ionizing kind does not heat human tissue rapidly as ionizing radiation does. However, there is a lot of evidence pointing to the issue that it can deteriorate the blood brain barrier which in turn can allow toxins to enter [5]. Similarly, it has also been pointed out that this radiation can adversely affect the immune system, lower the sperm count, cause strokes and even lead to autism [5].

What Could You Do To Protect Yourself

There are a few steps you could take to ensure that your cell phone’s radiation is kept from causing damage:

  • Use hands free head-sets with wires, not Bluetooth [2].
  • Use a phone which can extend the antenna as far away from your head as possible [2].
  • Use your phone more often in open spaces rather than inside buildings [2].
  • Limit your children’s usage [2].
  • Use Anti-Radiation headphones and pendants.


There are also certain devices which you can pair up with your cell phones to inhibit the EMF radiation from causing any serious damage. For instance, you could consider using radiation free headphones; these are designed to provide adequate protection against the EM radiation without compromising on the quality. The RF3 series of head phones from ENVi are some of the best and most renowned accessories for keeping your head clear of EMF waves. Made from natural wood, they have excellent audio fidelity thanks to their noise isolating rubber ear tip and can work with any phone which has a circular headset jack.

Another great and stylish option you could consider is the QLink Pendantwhich you can wear to ensure that you remain untouched from EMF radiation. QLink Pendants use the SRT3 (Sympathetic Resonance Technology) to both ward off EMF waves as well as make you feel more energized while simultaneously reducing stress by resonating with your bio-field. There is a growing body of scientific evidence which highlights how our bodies produce bio-fields which can be augmented to both achieve a better sense of well being and also protecting us from EMF radiation. However constant bombardment by EMF waves can lead to its deterioration which is why the QLink is designed to help our bio fields replenish themselves so that they can take on EMF radiation with new vigor.

WiFi Dangers in School: Your Child May Be In Danger! What to Do Before it is too Late

WiFi Dangers in School

The World Health Organization or WHO labeled radiofrequency EMF (WiFi Radiation) to be possibly carcinogenic and that it could result to headaches, heart palpitations, and nausea. Because of the radiation hazards people have always banned cell site towers and radio towers from being situated close to schools. So why are people allowing it inside the classrooms with WiFi routers?

That’s right, wireless internet routers are also under the radiofrequency EMF scale [1]. They emit the exact same frequency (2.4 GHz and 5GHz) which is the same as any cell phone, television, and military walkie-talkie. Surprisingly it is also the same frequency used by microwaves, albeit at a lower intensity.

WiFi routers function as radio wave emitters that allow devices to connect to the Internet. The analog information from the Internet wires is transmitted via pulsed waves and this is then received by a device and converted into digital data. It is these waves that pose a radiation threat to every child sitting in a classroom with a WiFi router somewhere in the ceiling. WiFi in an enclosed environment like a classroom poses more danger. Imagine your children being in an oven slowly cooked, being bombarded by EMF radiation everyday, year after year after year, some have remarked is a very similar effect.

The Hazards of Wifi Routers in Schools


The scary truth is that there are a dozen health risks that WiFi poses to your children in school. WHO had already stated that EMF waves within the 2.4GHz frequency are possibly carcinogenic. There is also the debate about WiFi radiation as a possible cause for residual cell burning, a common effect to continuous exposure to radiation. The most commonly associated risks to WiFi radiation exposure are [2, 3]:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Digestive disruption
  • Anxiety
  • Heart Palpitations

Radiation Exposure Duration and Durability


Do you really want to expose your child to these health risks? Duration is one of the key factors to developing health issues in regards to WiFi exposure [3]. If the classroom has built-in WiFi, something that never turns off, then your little ones are always exposed.

Durability is something that is also a major concern. Children are still developing and their bones are not yet strong enough to completely shield them from radiation exposure. This is why children get headaches more often from using a cell phone than an adult would.

What Can You Do?

The most reasonable thing to do is of course fight back and prevent the schools from installing WiFi routers in the building. Most schools won’t give in but some do. Others will delegate special WiFi areas instead of putting routers all over the building and in every classroom.

Then there are products that can shield your child from the exposure of dangerous radiation. One good example is the QLink Nimbus with SRT-3(Sympathetic Resonance Technology). This device is very simple to use: plug it into any USB port and it automatically resonate a 30’ radius SRT-3 field to protect you and others from the hazards of WiFi radiation. There’s no need to install. All you have to do is plug it in and the QLink Nimbus with SRT-3 does the rest.

Another good device to protect your children with at school is the EarthCalm Omega WiFi Wireless Radiation Protection. Simply plug it into your laptop and it not only halts the EMF dangers from the Wifi router but also from the radiation emitting from your computer! This is the best solution for children at school – plug it into a tablet or netbook in their bag and it will help possibly avoid headaches, hypersensitivity, and other health hazards of Wifi exposure.

Smart Meters Radiation Health Hazard – Cancer Causing Carcinogen At Home

Smart meters are quickly being installed all over the country and while they might have some use for the people they are also posing serious health hazards that could get hundreds or even thousands of people sick. The main cause of all the commotion is the danger of EMF radiation, something you might have heard of when people complain about the dangers of mobile phones or WiFi routers in schools.

Understanding Smart Meters

Smart Meter Radiation

Smart meters look like regular gas and electricity meters because that is exactly what they are – they are devices installed to your home so that gas and electric companies can calculate how much energy you’re using and how much to charge you. Unlike the old readers, smart readers transmit the data through radio frequency which reports say makes them easier and faster to use and allow the home owner to monitor how much energy they are consuming [1].

Early complaints were about higher utility bills. People complained that the new smart readers were inaccurate and that people were suddenly being charged much higher utility bills than before. This is still under scrutiny and now the main issue is about radiation effects, such as electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder and radiation-caused nausea, vomiting, headaches, and others.

EMF Radiation – the Root of Health Hazards

Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF Radiation) is the method of data transfer that is utilized by WiFi routers, cell phones, and smart readers. They are all under the same non-ionizing frequency band usually in between around 1 to 4 GHz radio frequency wave that is similar to the frequencies used by microwaves, albeit at a lower wattage. Just think about that for a second – with a smart reader installed you are constantly being bombarded by the same radiation inside your microwave!

As a matter of fact, it has been noted that the 2.4 GHz radio frequency is possibly carcinogenic. This means that it can be a possible cause of cancer. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder is what happens when a person is constantly blasted with EMF radiation. They can suffer from symptoms such as [2]:

  • Vomiting
  • Mild rashes
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

Too much EMF radiation can lead to cancer, skin irritation, and others. However, how can you combat all of this if it is required for you to have smart readers in your home? Luckily there are a few things to help you ward off the constant radiation threat.

EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System

All you have to do is plug it into any wall socket and it will protect your entire home from EMF radiation 24 hours, 7 days a week. It doesn’t need recharging and you only need one to get full protection. What it does is use scalar resonance and cyclotronic resonance to ward off the EMF radiation, keeping you and your entire family safe [4].

EarthCalm Omega WiFi Wireless

This is a small USB device that you can plug into any wireless router or even directly to your computer and it will protect you instantly from EMF radiation. It works best with electronic devices because it also protects you from the nausea and headaches associated with using a computer or television for several hours [5].

Smart Meters Spying on You and EMF Radiation Slowly Killing You

Smart meters are quickly being installed all over the country but their very nature and what they can do is starting to cause alarm. There are mainly two concerns that are getting people all worked up about these new devices: concerning privacy and concerning health risks. Here’s a look at both.

The Smart Meter

Smart Meter Radiation

To better understand you have to first know what a smart meter is. They are basically the same device you see outside the house that read your electrical and gas use. The data is then sent to gas and electrical companies so that they know how much to charge you. However, smart meters use radio frequency to send the data. They are also can keep detailed track of what appliance you are using, how much energy it uses, and even how often you turn it on [1, 2].

Can It Spy On You?

So long as you are using electrical appliances then yes, these smart meters can spy on you. The data can tell whether you are using medical devices, what TV you are using, how often you are on your computer, and what time you plug in your phone for charging. In fact, the CPUC or California Public Utilities Commission adopted privacy rules that will allow energy companies to disclose the gathered data. The SDG&E had already disclosed information of more than 4,000 customers to third parties [3].

That information could be used for advertising on specific people but it also breaks a lot of privacy laws as well. They also pose the threat of terrorism and hacking – criminals could read the data and learn exactly what time you are not at home to break in and steal your stuff.

Are smart meters Negatively Affecting your Health?

Did you know that these smart readers are also emitting EMF radiation? That’s the same type of radiation you get from microwaves, cell phones, and WiFi routers, all of which are labeled as “possibly carcinogenic”. They do this because this is the technology they use in transmitting the data. They lead to electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder where your body can no longer take the constant radiation exposure. This is why people experience headaches or even vomit after some time [4, 5].

What Can You Do?

Luckily there are ways around this. You can protect yourself and your family by using devices that repel EMF radiation or surround you with bio-electrical waves that shield you from the dangers. Good examples are the following:

  • QLink Pendant with SRT3 – this is a simple pendant you wear around the neck and the SRT3 technology increases your resistance to EMF radiation. It also boosts your stamina and energy while fighting off stress and fatigue. It also reduces anxiety and the physical symptoms (headaches and vomiting) caused by the smart meters [6].
  • EarthCalm  Scalar Home Protection System – plug this into your wall and it will run the protection system all across your home’s electrical wiring, ensuring everyone in your home is shielded from the smart meter’s EMF radiation as well as the radiation from WiFi routers and cell phones [7].
  • EarthCalm Omega WiFi Wireless – this is like a mobile version of the Scalar Home Protection System. This is a simple USB device that you can plug into a router or laptop and it will protect anyone in a 30-foot radius from EMF radiation [8].


Smart Meters are Open Threats for Hacking and EMF Radiation

Smart Meter Hack EMF Radiation

Since 2012, millions of smart meters have been installed in homes all over the country. These are devices that will soon replace the analog reader – the devices used for gas and electrical companies to know how much to charge you based on the amount of energy you use. These smart meters can determine what time your energy efficiency is at its peak, what appliances use the most energy, and it transmits all this data through radio frequency. That last bit is already causing a health risk and then there is the case of hacking.

How Smart Meters Get Hacked

In Puerto Rico alone there have been wide-spread incidents of energy theft. Hacking into smart meters is not the same as hacking into analog readers but there is still a serious threat. There are numerous ways to do this too, such as [1]:

  • Hacking through the hardware – if there is protective feature on the reader than a simple needed can be used to intercept the flow of electrical data and the programming can be altered with an ordinary laptop.
  • Digital radio and wireless hacking – every smart meter uses a two-way radio chip and the sad part is that the security codes aren’t even complex. In one demonstration they were even shown to have used factory passwords that even a basic hacker could get through. This can also be done through simple WiFi tehnology.
  • Malware attacks – hackers can now access the entire network of smart meters under the same brand and instantaneously launch malware programs. They can alter meter readings or divert energy routes.

The biggest threat is that through these hacking concerns any cyber terrorist could hack into a network of smart meters and instantly blackout an entire city or possibly an entire nation. Electrical blackouts are one of the most effective ways of rendering a nation open to attack [2].

EMF Radiation

Smart Meter Hack

As if you didn’t already have enough on your plate to worry about, these smart meters can also cause headaches, vomiting, nausea, stress, and others. All of these are symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder or the body’s over-exposure to radiation. EMF radiation, emitted by these readers, is the same radiation found in microwaves and WiFi routers. People don’t want large cell sites close to schools yet why are smart meters being placed in every building in the country? The worst part is that the radio frequency used by these devices (2.4 GHz) can be carcinogenic. This means they are a plausible cause for cancer.

Protecting Yourself from EMF Radiation

The responsibility of preventing nationwide hacking goes to the government and the manufacturers of these devices. However, there are some products that you can buy to at least protect yourself from the health risks that these readers pose. Consider some of them below:

1. QLink Pendant with SRT3 – a simple pendant that utilizes SRT3 technology to boost your biological energy. This can also ward of the deadly effects of EMF radiation. Just wear it and you’re good to go.
2. EarthCalm  Scalar Home Protection System – this device is plugged to your wall and it runs scalar resonance through your home’s electrical wiring to spread a protective shield for your family, keeping everyone safe from harmful EMF radiation.



QLink SRT3 (Sympathetic Resonance Technology) EMF Radiation Protection

QLink SRT3 Personal EMF Protection

At the heart of almost all QLink items is Sympathetic Resonance Engineering (SRT), which is often understood by means of imagining a tuning forks that vibrates with a certain message. Similarly, QLink SRT items are tuned and made to optimize your human strength system via resonance. Just as one SRT product or service interacts together with your biofield, it results in a rebalancing and also restoration of your energy system based on your individual needs. SRT has been shown to enhance the significance and functionality of nonliving methods.

QLinks Brand-new Technology capabilities SRT3 (Sympathetic Resonance Technology). This permits the device to better resonate life-supporting frequencies from the biofield. This too activates an even more powerful response to stress. Most people notice heightened strength, quicker effects and also a more rapid come back to centered over emotional balance.

What is QLink?

Q-Link would be the most advanced personal energy system on the market. More energy, less stress, greater emphasis, and enhanced well-being. No matter what you do, the Q-Link simply can help you feel better and gives you a inventive edge by supporting harmonizing your mind and body. QLink ameliorates the unwanted effects caused by electromagnetic light (EMR) from computer systems, planes or cell phones.

The Q-Link’s fundamental technology could be understood by saying a tuning derive that vibrates at a certain pitch. Likewise, the Q-Link’s Sympathetic Resonant Technologies (SRT) is tuned in order to optimize the human energy system by means of resonance. As it interacts together with your biofield, it contributes to a rebalancing and restoration in line with your individual needs.

What is the Biofield?

The biofield is the key to electricity, wellness, and sense of balance. It is the particular complex, extremely weak electromagnetic field of the organism hypothesized to help involve electromagnetic bio-information for regulating homeodynamics. One of several key functions of the biofield is to help strengthen our ability to cope with stress. You need to adapt to stress inside a positive way, or it has very negative consequences to your well-being and effectiveness. When your biofield is subjected to external stress, it literally contracts. Biofield is our first type of defense against stress due to EMF. When this field weakens, your health gets compromised. Biofield serves seeing that your protective force shield inside a stressed-out world. Your QLink restores, tunes and sustains the integrity of your respective biofield. If the biofield functions as the two musical orchestra plus the music of lifestyle energies, then the QLink functions as the conductor of the particular orchestra.

The Biofield and Traditional Bioscience

QLink SRT3 EMF Radiation Protection

Pre-scientific notions of energy manifesting almost all pervasively and joining man, nature and cosmos are evident in all traditional cultures. Energy follows thought plus the influence of aware process and intent is central for you to subtle energy physique activity and treatment. Ayurveda proposes that disease originates with an imbalance or stress within the individual’s consciousness. Modern day psychologists have explained this state as “individuation” or “self-actualization”. That state of superior awareness, rather than the typical unconscious distraction, may allow better level of responsiveness to subtle energy along with its many effectively documented psychological gains. Tibetan Tantra more developed this idea if you use conscious intent along together with yogic techniques within particular transformation.

Biofield Theory

Everything in the universe is energy in its most fundamental form and all forms of energy are governed by simply Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF). Energy exists everywhere since potential and in motions creates fields allowing energy to get transmitted, absorbed and performed. New discoveries show the fact that subtle information forces in nature can penetrate everything and may cause instantaneous reaction at incredible distances. The references to this particular spectrum have been given many names like: the second force of gravity, Kirlian Effect, feel, chi, orgone, Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF) or biofields. Regardless of the name, these subtle energies or biofields are thought to contain the information which offers the pattern or energy matrix with the organization of the issue. Researchers are now capable to measure and influence the subtle energies surrounding the entire body and objects in the environment by making use of recent advances in physics as well as computer technology. Instruments are developed to expand as well as amplify our senses to form a communication link along with subtle biofield energies. In addition, it can now identify the informational contents from the biofield to locate imbalances or interferences in the flow of energy and modify the energetic quality of life.

The Many Channels of the Biofield

There are lots of possible electromagnetic resonators systems, from the constituent different parts of the cells, to entire body systems built of numerous millions of tissues. We must replace the thinking behind single cells getting together with the biofield that has a hierarchy of structures from the tiny size involving proteins upwards towards whole organism. Every one of these structures will respond in a different narrow wavelength region from the electromagnetic spectrum. The resonant wavelengths usually are determined by the dimensions of the hierarchical structure you want, so that the larger structures operate upon longer wavelengths. The Biofield can be a multi-channel technique operating on numerous wavelengths simultaneously. The overall biofield is some sort of superposition of a number of patterns. Each of these patterns is some sort of complex system expressed over a different wavelength route.

Coupling of Biofield Channels

Phenomena such as resonance can arise, involving an energetic coupling of, as well as oscillation within, subject. The fields of the body may also be influenced because of the fields of nearby organisms, the biosphere, and in many cases the earth and cosmos, especially geocosmic tempos. From a theoretical standpoint, we cannot determine the human biofield via first principles to its dynamic aspects and enormous complexity.

Quantum Biology

Quantum Biology is the synthesis of quantum physics and biology. To understand exactly how Quantum Biology works, it is vital to gain a basic comprehension of the quantum mechanical techniques of entanglement and superposition. Superposition basically shows that objects at the microscopic level are positioned at many positions at the same time, it is first after an observation continues to be made of an object with a certain position that the other positions collapses. Experiments have proven your existence of superposition by simply observing atoms as both compact objects or because wavelengths all depending upon what sort of experimenter is looking at the atoms. Entanglement means that objects without having physical connection whatsoever is able to influence each other. Experiments involving light photons possess proven that two physically separated photons happen to be able to affect each others polarization and for that reason indicating proof of their entanglement.

Basic QLink Functioning

The particular QLink resonant cell is usually a complex array of infinitesimal waveguides and resonators. These resonate with packages of coherent structures within the biofield spread across many wavelength channels from your infrared to the brief wavelength radio region. The QLink therefore provides tiny amounts of feedback to the body only once the biofield is operating all-around certain coherent modes one or many channels. This feedback acts being a catalyst allowing the biofield to uncover its coherent modes quicker and spend far less periods of coherence.

QLink As A Biofield Catalyst

Each channel on the biofield can exist in a coherent state. These states have the ability to withstand external perturbations within certain limits. However, when these limits are surpassed, incoherence ensues for a period of time, until a new coherent state is located. If one channel is disturbed then this coherence of the different channels will normally stay intact. As the biofield channels are linked through cell processes, this insures an enclosed safety mechanism, which will pull the disturbed channel quicker back into equilibrium. That makes the biofield strong to external electromagnetic polluting of the environment. Researchers have suggested which the development of this resilience is usually an evolutionary adaptation to your electromagnetic stress from pure sources. Today, man-made electromagnetic pollution makes certain that the robustness of biofield can be under greater stress than ever. Many channels of the biofield may be under stress simultaneously as well as the overall field may spend more time in incoherence when compared with coherence. This can have serious consequences to the integrated function of the main human being.

QLink Benefits SRT3

QLink Benefits

Have you had any idea how professional sportsmen and women and athletes were able to reach levels of endurance and concentration that we can only dream about? Have you ever wondered how a car racer or a driver can drive for many hours at break neck speeds and barely break a sweat? How do they make it look like so easy whilst doing it?

The QLink pendant is designed to tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonises your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly through a nerve-racking world. It can be worn under or over your shirt or blouse. As you use the QLink over time, you and your QLink will create a linked energy system called sympathetic resonance effect. The QLink pendant contains no power source of its own but it works like a tuning fork resonating and strengthening the life supporting information that is present in your biofield.

There are many benefits that QLink has. Some say that people who wear a Q-Link report having increased energy and awareness, enhanced mental focus, greater stamina throughout the day, vitality, clearer thinking, less nervous tension or calmness, better sleep, and more. Furthermore, the Q-Link can also reduced the harmful effects of EMFs or ElectroMagnetic Fields – the fields around cellphones, computers, and other electronic devices. It has been said that QLink also strengthens your resistance to the effects of stress and enhances mental performance even under stress.

QLink Benefits

The effects of QLink are immediate according to some tests. However, individual experience will vary. For best results, wear your QLink all the time. One business woman reports how amazed she was when wearing the QLink pendant.  Her mind got sharper and she was now better focused to her work and was done more efficiently. Also, her sleep is more restful.

Our body is constantly bombarded with frequencies that break down the body’s balance and harmony. Wearing one of these pendants will continually combat those negative frequencies, be they from an irate boss/customer, computers, cellphones, or other electromagnetic frequencies. These pendants are the perfect tool for personal EMF protection. The concept is really unique to use this new technology to thwart the negative impacts that we can’t personally see/hear. Many people have already been using these products and most all users experience reduced symptoms of fatigue and stress related illness. In addition the products also can reduce the symptoms associated with jet lag and can increase mental awareness.

One more reason to consider purchasing a QLink pendant is due to the fact that they have been promoted by medical doctors. This means that there are doctors in the medical field that realize the benefits to the products and feel that they have seen significant results from the products based on the studies that have been done. One major benefit to having the medical field approving of the product is that it will ensure that further research is done on the products and technology.

Autism with Hyperbaric Chambers May Vastly Improve the Quality of Life for Your Autistic Child

Autism with Hyperbaric Chambers

As the number of children diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorder grows each year, more parents are searching for possible treatments. One of the most exciting and promising of these new treatments involves the use of hyperbaric chambers. These pressure chambers are used to increase oxygen delivery to the child’s brain by increasing the portion of oxygen in the environment and increasing the atmospheric pressure.

The 28″ Military Hyperbaric Chamber, which is being offered at a huge discount to military or veteran families, possesses some outstanding features like 1.3 ATA, quiet compressor, seven feet length, and an internal mattress. This hyperbaric chamber has been approved as a Class II medical device by the Food and Drug Administration and is manufactured by Summit to Sea LLC, one of the world’s most trusted hyperbaric chamber manufacturers.

A hyperbaric chamber may be the wisest investment you can make in the future of your autistic child. A study conducted by Dr. Daniel Rossignol suggested that among 56 children who received varying degrees of increased atmospheric pressure within a hyperbaric chamber, almost 30 percent displayed improved functionality. Hyperbaric chamber therapy also does not present the risks that other therapies might.

Ideal Atmospheric Pressure

If you are looking for a hyperbaric chamber to help improve oxygen flow to the brain, then there are a number of key factors you should consider. The most important is, of course, the capacity the device has. The above-mentioned device is 28 inches in diameter and seven feet in length. It also can inflate to a pressure of 1.3 atmospheres, which is the maximum allowed for any such device for home use by the FDA. Research has shown that 1.3 atmospheres is ideal to facilitating oxygen transport to the brain.

Easy to Use

Another important factor to consider is how comfortable they are. Unlike the metal cans you may have seen on diving shows, this device is a soft shell product which is portable. Inside is a mattress where the child may lie comfortably for hours at a time, and the soft material ensures that the child can move easily while inside without fear of injury. This product is easily inflated using a quiet compressor, allowing use at all times of the day.

Low Cost

While purchasing a hyperbaric chamber is not a small investment, it can prove worthwhile if you consider the eventual rewards. While not all children may respond to this therapy, with a 30 percent success rate, it can be good investment if you would like to utilize a low risk therapy. While most of these devices can be purchased for several thousands of dollars, many reputable vendors are willing to finance these purchases. You may also wish to consider how much you will save by not traveling to a hyperbaric therapy clinic and paying for treatments.

Successful Treatment

Another important consideration is how well a hyperbaric chamber may be in treating your child’s autism. Many researchers believe that autism is a result of oxygen deprivation to the brain. This hyperbaric chamber can help increase that oxygen flow without subjecting the child to risky or painful medical treatments. Just 40 treatments of an hour in 1.3 atmospheres has been shown to be effective in helping many children.

Autism and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Autism Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Some have described autism as an epidemic. The rate of autism has gone from less than 1 in 200 to about 1 in 100 in the last decade. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet what causes autism. While there are many theories, some debunked and some still being studied, right now the cause of autism remains a mystery.

Since we cannot know what causes autism, we cannot prevent it. Treating autism is the main focus for parents of autistic children while research continues on the causes of autism.

Autism is usually noted early in a child’s life. The typical age of regression is as early as 18 months, when an autistic child may start meeting milestones on a timeline different than that of a neurotypical child. Common early signs of autism include little or no speech, a lack of eye contact, little physical affection, and an obsession or fixation with certain objects or topics.

For instance, at 18 months a child should be able to speak  12 or more words clearly, including Mama, Dada, sleep, and other words that they hear on a regular basis. However, an autistic child may not speak at all—s/he may only verbalize, grunt, or speak random syllables. Some autistic children may not verbalize or make any noises.

Autism Hyperbaric Chamber

A lack of eye contact and physical affection are both very common signs of autism in children. From a very young age—two months or so—most babies begin making and holding eye contact on a regular basis. However, autistic children often do not make eye contact; if they do, they may not hold it for more than a second or two. This is related to the lack of physical affection that many autistic children display. Touching other people is often a sensory issue for autistic children. The textures, warmth, and movement from another person during a hug can be too much for an autistic child to take in and process—so they just avoid it entirely.

There are a variety of treatments for autism that aim to reduce the signs of autism. These treatments include occupational therapy, exposure therapy, line therapy, diet changes, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) work by delivering high-pressure oxygen to the body and brain. The autistic child lies or sits down in a hyperbaric chamber for the prescribed amount of time. The oxygen, which is more concentrated and therapeutic than anything you can get outside of this treatment, helps the body’s cells to heal and repair damage in the brain.

More pressure and/or more oxygen is not always better; the brain seems to respond best between 1.3 and 1.5 atmospheres . Patients can go to a clinic that specializes in hyperbaric oxygen treatment, rent a hyperbaric chamber, or purchase a hyperbaric chamber. The length and amount of sessions will vary on each child’s autism diagnosis. If a child is on the mild end of the spectrum, they may need fewer or shorter sessions. A child on the lower-functioning end of the spectrum may need longer, more, and ongoing hyperbaric sessions.

After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, many autistic children present fewer or milder autistic symptoms, including a decrease in “stimming”,a repetitive physical movement that stimulates one or more of the senses, an increase in physical affection, and an increase in verbal abilities.

Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective treatment for healing wounds quickly and effectively. Learn more about what the research says.

When suffering from a serious wound, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often something to consider. HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) promotes wound healing in three different ways.


Wounds are one of the most dangerous traumas that the body can suffer. They expose the body to every infection, disease, and toxin that it comes into contact with. The skin is the body’s first line of immunological defense against invaders—a wound bypasses this defense and leaves the body open to disease.

The best way to protect the body and keep it from experiencing further trauma is to close the wound as quickly as possible. A wound needs oxygen to heal and close properly. The amount of oxygen in our natural environment will eventually close most wounds. However, hyperbaric oxygen (high-pressure oxygen) may be needed in other cases. Large, deep, or gangrenous wounds will often fail to heal on their own. If they do heal on their own, it may be too slow. This leaves the body open to infection or disease, which can be fatal.

The way a hyperbaric oxygen treatment is done differs from wound to wound and location to location. A clinic may use a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, where you receive high-pressure oxygen to your whole body. This is often the most effective way to do it if you have a large wound[1].  When you enter the chamber, it will be filled with pressurized oxygen. The pressure rises to 2.5 times the normal air pressure  and you remain in the environment for thirty minutes to two hours, depending on what your wound needs.

The amount of sessions you need for a wound depends on the size and severity of the wound.

Another way of receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a wound is topical application. A bag to hold the oxygen may be wrapped around the wound area—your leg for example—and then the oxygen is administered through the bag. However, this type of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wounds is not as effective as using a chamber and the research on its efficacy is mixed.

When suffering from a serious wound, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often something to consider. HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) promotes wound healing in three different ways. The oxygen helps a wound heal faster by fighting off infection that may have taken up residence in the wound, by hastening skin growth that will close the wound more quickly, and promoting the growth of small blood vessels[2].

It is good to keep your schedule clear after receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy so you have time to rest, recuperate, and let your wound heal. The amount of sessions you need for a wound depends on the size and severity of the wound.