Many pieces of sophisticated technologies that we use today; be it cell phones, television, radio, or even our cars use EMF radiation (electro-magnetic radiation) in order to function which can penetrate us and compromise our health. For the past 3 decades, scientists have been researching the potential adverse effects of low level electromagnetic radiation on humans and they have already linked a variety of different issues such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease to it. In fact after 2,000 such studies, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has concluded that EMF radiation can be considered as a possible carcinogen.

What Makes EMF Radiation (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) So Dangerous?

Most people do not realize that their own bodies are using electromagnetic fields in their day to day functioning; there is proof that every cell in our body has its own electromagnetic signature. Bioelectrical and electromagnetic waves are used by the cells in order to communicate with each other. Our natural EMF patterns are thus critical in helping us maintain bio-chemical processes within our bodies and if these get disturbed, problems can result.

Foreign EMF Waves, such as those emitted by cell phones and radios can alter the state of your body’s bioelectrical field via a process known as sympathetic resonance or entrainment which refers to the tendency of an object to start vibrating at the same frequency as another object. The more powerful a foreign EMF Field is the more profound the effect it has on our own bioelectric fields.

Protecting Yourself From EMF Radiation

Fortunately, you can protect yourself and yourself from EMF radiation with the aid of anti-radiation products. Given below, you can find a variety of different items which can help you shield yourself from harmful EMF radiation being generated from virtually any source. EHS or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Cell Phone Radiation Protection, Home and Office Radiation Protection, Smart Meter Radiation and Dangers, Car and Truck Radiation Protection, Magnetic Shields and Computer / Laptop / WIFI Radiation Protection.

Find Out How Much EMF Pollution “Electrosmog” An Area Has With EMF Meters

We have a wide variety of different EMF meters and detectors which you can use to detect the amount of low frequency electromagnetic radiation in an area.