Cell Phone Radiation Dangers – What Samsung, Nokia & Apple Aren’t Telling You.

Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

Now admit it, you must have wondered at least once whether all those radio waves coming out of your sleek iPhone have any side effects which might manifest as serious health issues down the line. Unfortunately your fears might be warranted, over 2 decades of research into the effects of EMF (Electro Magnetic) radiation which is created by cell phones on bio matter is painting a very disturbing picture; at the very least, you should sit up and take note.

Just What is EMF (Electro Magnetic Radiation)

We hear it all the time; EMF radiation is what our society has come to depend upon for nearly all major forms of communications, whether that be cell phones or WiFi routers, broadband Internet, television, radio communication, radar, all use electromagnetic waves to send and receive data. Electromagnetic radiation essentially encompasses all forms of energies which include visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays, heat, ultra violet rays etc [1]. As the name suggests, EMF radiation is made up of both electrical as well as magnetic fields. EM radiation also tends to behave as both a particle as well as a wave, which is something scientists are still trying to demystify.

Electromagnetic radiation itself can be classed into two categories:
Ionizing Radiation: Which consists of highly charged waves which have enough energy to strip atoms of their electrons and thus alter molecules as well as the balance of chemicals in living beings. X-Rays and Gamma Rays are two such forms of energy and they are undisputed causes of a variety of cancers, hair loss and radiation sickness among other problems [2].
Non-Ionizing Radiation: This is popularly thought of as safe and consists of forms of radiation such as radio waves, microwaves and visible light. Non-Ionizing Radiation can lead to at least some heating effect, however not enough to cause long term damage [2].

So Are Radio Waves Dangerous?


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has declared that low levels of EMF radiation, especially of the non-ionizing type as that emitted by cell phones and radio based communication devices are generally safe for day to day usage and do not pose any health hazards [3]. However this claim has been disputed, and some experts have come out and said that vested interests of various corporate as well as government entities may be at work here [4]. While non ionizing radiation may not lead to effects which are immediately visible, there is at least some proof that these may have some very serious long term ones. Ailments which have been associated with low level EMF radiation include:

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Headaches and Nausea
  • Brain Tumors

A fact which cannot be denied is that low level radiation, of the non ionizing kind does not heat human tissue rapidly as ionizing radiation does. However, there is a lot of evidence pointing to the issue that it can deteriorate the blood brain barrier which in turn can allow toxins to enter [5]. Similarly, it has also been pointed out that this radiation can adversely affect the immune system, lower the sperm count, cause strokes and even lead to autism [5].

What Could You Do To Protect Yourself

There are a few steps you could take to ensure that your cell phone’s radiation is kept from causing damage:

  • Use hands free head-sets with wires, not Bluetooth [2].
  • Use a phone which can extend the antenna as far away from your head as possible [2].
  • Use your phone more often in open spaces rather than inside buildings [2].
  • Limit your children’s usage [2].
  • Use Anti-Radiation headphones and pendants.


There are also certain devices which you can pair up with your cell phones to inhibit the EMF radiation from causing any serious damage. For instance, you could consider using radiation free headphones; these are designed to provide adequate protection against the EM radiation without compromising on the quality. The RF3 series of head phones from ENVi are some of the best and most renowned accessories for keeping your head clear of EMF waves. Made from natural wood, they have excellent audio fidelity thanks to their noise isolating rubber ear tip and can work with any phone which has a circular headset jack.

Another great and stylish option you could consider is the QLink Pendantwhich you can wear to ensure that you remain untouched from EMF radiation. QLink Pendants use the SRT3 (Sympathetic Resonance Technology) to both ward off EMF waves as well as make you feel more energized while simultaneously reducing stress by resonating with your bio-field. There is a growing body of scientific evidence which highlights how our bodies produce bio-fields which can be augmented to both achieve a better sense of well being and also protecting us from EMF radiation. However constant bombardment by EMF waves can lead to its deterioration which is why the QLink is designed to help our bio fields replenish themselves so that they can take on EMF radiation with new vigor.