Cell Phones and EMF Harm Your Health Proven Research You Must Read

Cell phone radiation – no, it’s not a joke and the fact is that the consistent EMF exposure from mobile phones can and will endanger your health. Electromagnetic fields radiation or EMF radiation is the main culprit at play here.

This is the specific frequency that mobile phones use to communicate with cell sites. It is this radio frequency that determines whether you connect and get your messages or not.

The Dangers of Cell Phone Use


Cell Phone EMF Radiation

Cell phone use might seem pretty harmless but all you have to do is stay on the phone for a fifteen-minute conversation to feel the effects. After a long talk, do you notice how your ear or cheeks feel warm? That’s from the EMF exposure from the phone. Just to put it into relation, this is the same radiation frequency you get from microwaves. So yes, your cell phone is cooking your brain every time you put it up to your ears [1].

Health effects of electromagnetic fields radiation goes beyond that though. This thermal radiation might be a lot less intense when compared to that found in your kitchen microwave but there is one difference – you only use your kitchen appliance for five minutes but you keep your phone close to you for about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This leads to headaches, stress, nausea, and even eye strain and vomiting. If you’ve been experiencing these for no apparent reason, try turning your phone off for a while and see the difference. You’d be surprised at how much better you feel.

The worst part is that this frequency has been announced to be possibly carcinogenic by the World Health Organization or WHO. This means that those faint bits of radiation can cause brain cancer. The bite might be small but the health effects can build up over time until it is too late to do a thing about it [2].

Fighting EMF Radiation

Are there ways to combat the electromagnetic fields health effects? You’re constantly walking around when you’re on the go but there are a few ways of negating the EMF radiation from your phone without forcing you to shut your phone off. Consider two of them below:

RF3 ENVi Dual Tube Stereo Radiation Free Earbud Cell Phone Headset – this is convenience and protection rolled into one device. This headset is designed to cancel out the EMF radiation from your phone, keeping you safe from the numerous health risks, but it is also designed for your convenience by featuring a simple mic button so you can answer calls without having to whip your phone out of your pocket and it also has noise-cancelling features [3].

– Qlink Pendant with SRT3 – this device might not look like much but this is all you need to cancel out EMF radiation but also envelop you with a protective shield that can boost your energy and stamina, reduce stress, and enhance your daily liveliness. It does this through the patented SRT system that uses the body’s natural bio-energy. Just wear it and you’ll be safe – it’s that simple [4].