Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Radiation (EMF) to Your Health

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are all around you. In this modern day and age it is nearly impossible to get away from EMF because it is now being used for everything people need for their everyday lives. This is the same type of energy found from radios, cell sites, cell phones, WiFi routers, and smart meters. So what are electromagnetic fields and what are the different effects it might cause to your body?

Defining EMF

EMF Effects Health

EMF is best understood as a type of energy wave, the same way you would think of radio waves and light waves. As a matter of fact, it is the very same frequency as radio waves and microwave technology (2.4 GHz) but it is at a much lower intensity. Most technologies use this electromagnetic field for data transfer – it is this technology that allows your laptop to connect to your WiFi router or your phone to get messages and reception from a cell site [1].

The Dangers of EMF

You don’t need to look long online for a very long list of electromagnetic health effects. A lot of people associate electromagnetic radiation effects to electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder – a condition where the body can no longer tolerate further radiation. This leads to nausea, severe headaches, anxiety, stress, vomiting, and even skin rashes [2].

However it does go well beyond that. Studies have shown a strand in the human DNA “attracts” electromagnetic radiation, like an antenna. This can lead to blood poisoning, an increased heart rate, and nerve-cell damage.

They are all under the same non-ionizing frequency band usually in between around 1 to 4 GHz radio frequency wave that is similar to the frequencies used by microwaves, albeit at a lower wattage. That same frequency band might sound common since it is used for microwaves and radios but it is also labeled “possibly carcinogenic”. This means that it could be a strong cause for cancer cell development! That’s right – every time you put your phone to your ear you could be just a few steps away from brain cancer!

However, you also have to take note that children are the ones most vulnerable to electromagnetic fields radiation. Their bodies are not yet fully developed and this leaves them susceptible to radiation attacks. Unfortunately, schools are starting to implement WiFi routers in classrooms and even gas and electric companies are now installing EMF-emitting smart meters in homes, leaving children exposed whether they are at home or in school.

Protecting Yourself

Can you protect yourself from EMF radiation? Luckily there are a few devices that can shield you from radiation or negate the effects with their own resonating field. Consider a few of them below:

1. EarthCalm Omega WiFi Wireless Radiation Protection – this device looks like any regular USB flash drive. Just plug it into your WiFi router and it will automatically emit a field of protective energy that negates the harmful effects of EMF exposure. People who have been experiencing headaches and stress almost immediately feel the difference. You can also use this with your laptop or computer to free you from the static radiation of the computer and the monitor screen [3].

2. EarthCalm  Scalar Home Protection System – this is a very powerful device that emits scalar resonance in order to shield you and your entire family from EMF radiation. If you plug it in directly to your wall socket it can use the electrical path of your house to spread the protection all over to every room, keeping everyone safe from harmful radiation [4].