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QLink Benefits

Have you had any idea how professional sportsmen and women and athletes were able to reach levels of endurance and concentration that we can only dream about? Have you ever wondered how a car racer or a driver can drive for many hours at break neck speeds and barely break a sweat? How do they make it look like so easy whilst doing it?

The QLink pendant is designed to tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonises your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly through a nerve-racking world. It can be worn under or over your shirt or blouse. As you use the QLink over time, you and your QLink will create a linked energy system called sympathetic resonance effect. The QLink pendant contains no power source of its own but it works like a tuning fork resonating and strengthening the life supporting information that is present in your biofield.

There are many benefits that QLink has. Some say that people who wear a Q-Link report having increased energy and awareness, enhanced mental focus, greater stamina throughout the day, vitality, clearer thinking, less nervous tension or calmness, better sleep, and more. Furthermore, the Q-Link can also reduced the harmful effects of EMFs or ElectroMagnetic Fields – the fields around cellphones, computers, and other electronic devices. It has been said that QLink also strengthens your resistance to the effects of stress and enhances mental performance even under stress.

QLink Benefits

The effects of QLink are immediate according to some tests. However, individual experience will vary. For best results, wear your QLink all the time. One business woman reports how amazed she was when wearing the QLink pendant.  Her mind got sharper and she was now better focused to her work and was done more efficiently. Also, her sleep is more restful.

Our body is constantly bombarded with frequencies that break down the body’s balance and harmony. Wearing one of these pendants will continually combat those negative frequencies, be they from an irate boss/customer, computers, cellphones, or other electromagnetic frequencies. These pendants are the perfect tool for personal EMF protection. The concept is really unique to use this new technology to thwart the negative impacts that we can’t personally see/hear. Many people have already been using these products and most all users experience reduced symptoms of fatigue and stress related illness. In addition the products also can reduce the symptoms associated with jet lag and can increase mental awareness.

One more reason to consider purchasing a QLink pendant is due to the fact that they have been promoted by medical doctors. This means that there are doctors in the medical field that realize the benefits to the products and feel that they have seen significant results from the products based on the studies that have been done. One major benefit to having the medical field approving of the product is that it will ensure that further research is done on the products and technology.