Smart Meters are Open Threats for Hacking and EMF Radiation

Smart Meter Hack EMF Radiation

Since 2012, millions of smart meters have been installed in homes all over the country. These are devices that will soon replace the analog reader – the devices used for gas and electrical companies to know how much to charge you based on the amount of energy you use. These smart meters can determine what time your energy efficiency is at its peak, what appliances use the most energy, and it transmits all this data through radio frequency. That last bit is already causing a health risk and then there is the case of hacking.

How Smart Meters Get Hacked

In Puerto Rico alone there have been wide-spread incidents of energy theft. Hacking into smart meters is not the same as hacking into analog readers but there is still a serious threat. There are numerous ways to do this too, such as [1]:

  • Hacking through the hardware – if there is protective feature on the reader than a simple needed can be used to intercept the flow of electrical data and the programming can be altered with an ordinary laptop.
  • Digital radio and wireless hacking – every smart meter uses a two-way radio chip and the sad part is that the security codes aren’t even complex. In one demonstration they were even shown to have used factory passwords that even a basic hacker could get through. This can also be done through simple WiFi tehnology.
  • Malware attacks – hackers can now access the entire network of smart meters under the same brand and instantaneously launch malware programs. They can alter meter readings or divert energy routes.

The biggest threat is that through these hacking concerns any cyber terrorist could hack into a network of smart meters and instantly blackout an entire city or possibly an entire nation. Electrical blackouts are one of the most effective ways of rendering a nation open to attack [2].

EMF Radiation

Smart Meter Hack

As if you didn’t already have enough on your plate to worry about, these smart meters can also cause headaches, vomiting, nausea, stress, and others. All of these are symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder or the body’s over-exposure to radiation. EMF radiation, emitted by these readers, is the same radiation found in microwaves and WiFi routers. People don’t want large cell sites close to schools yet why are smart meters being placed in every building in the country? The worst part is that the radio frequency used by these devices (2.4 GHz) can be carcinogenic. This means they are a plausible cause for cancer.

Protecting Yourself from EMF Radiation

The responsibility of preventing nationwide hacking goes to the government and the manufacturers of these devices. However, there are some products that you can buy to at least protect yourself from the health risks that these readers pose. Consider some of them below:

1. QLink Pendant with SRT3 – a simple pendant that utilizes SRT3 technology to boost your biological energy. This can also ward of the deadly effects of EMF radiation. Just wear it and you’re good to go.
2. EarthCalm  Scalar Home Protection System – this device is plugged to your wall and it runs scalar resonance through your home’s electrical wiring to spread a protective shield for your family, keeping everyone safe from harmful EMF radiation.