Smart Meters Spying on You and EMF Radiation Slowly Killing You

Smart meters are quickly being installed all over the country but their very nature and what they can do is starting to cause alarm. There are mainly two concerns that are getting people all worked up about these new devices: concerning privacy and concerning health risks. Here’s a look at both.

The Smart Meter

Smart Meter Radiation

To better understand you have to first know what a smart meter is. They are basically the same device you see outside the house that read your electrical and gas use. The data is then sent to gas and electrical companies so that they know how much to charge you. However, smart meters use radio frequency to send the data. They are also can keep detailed track of what appliance you are using, how much energy it uses, and even how often you turn it on [1, 2].

Can It Spy On You?

So long as you are using electrical appliances then yes, these smart meters can spy on you. The data can tell whether you are using medical devices, what TV you are using, how often you are on your computer, and what time you plug in your phone for charging. In fact, the CPUC or California Public Utilities Commission adopted privacy rules that will allow energy companies to disclose the gathered data. The SDG&E had already disclosed information of more than 4,000 customers to third parties [3].

That information could be used for advertising on specific people but it also breaks a lot of privacy laws as well. They also pose the threat of terrorism and hacking – criminals could read the data and learn exactly what time you are not at home to break in and steal your stuff.

Are smart meters Negatively Affecting your Health?

Did you know that these smart readers are also emitting EMF radiation? That’s the same type of radiation you get from microwaves, cell phones, and WiFi routers, all of which are labeled as “possibly carcinogenic”. They do this because this is the technology they use in transmitting the data. They lead to electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder where your body can no longer take the constant radiation exposure. This is why people experience headaches or even vomit after some time [4, 5].

What Can You Do?

Luckily there are ways around this. You can protect yourself and your family by using devices that repel EMF radiation or surround you with bio-electrical waves that shield you from the dangers. Good examples are the following:

  • QLink Pendant with SRT3 – this is a simple pendant you wear around the neck and the SRT3 technology increases your resistance to EMF radiation. It also boosts your stamina and energy while fighting off stress and fatigue. It also reduces anxiety and the physical symptoms (headaches and vomiting) caused by the smart meters [6].
  • EarthCalm  Scalar Home Protection System – plug this into your wall and it will run the protection system all across your home’s electrical wiring, ensuring everyone in your home is shielded from the smart meter’s EMF radiation as well as the radiation from WiFi routers and cell phones [7].
  • EarthCalm Omega WiFi Wireless – this is like a mobile version of the Scalar Home Protection System. This is a simple USB device that you can plug into a router or laptop and it will protect anyone in a 30-foot radius from EMF radiation [8].